Exceptional care for healthy families & strong communities.

Serving Wisconsin communities since 2003




Only Hometown Pharmacy offers a personalized
to pharmacy care, at a comparable
to other pharmacy outlets and drug stores,
in a convenient location in each community.This enables our customers to be able to rely on
a trustworthy, local, family-owned healthcare partner
who helps them maintain healthy, happy families.


Flu Shots & Routine Vaccinations
Bone Mineral Density Screenings*
Blood Pressure Measurements
Medicare Part D Consultations
Medication Management Evaluations
Pet Prescriptions*
Compounded Medications*
Home Delivery & Mail-Outs
Specialty Packaging (Bubble Packs)VIEW ALL SERVICES


“Last week I was coming down with either the flu or nasty cold, I called Keith (our pharmacist) and he personally got on the phone, listened to my symptoms, in turn suggested what I should take which I did and within a day and a half I was back to being my old self. Two days later he called to see how I was doing – fantastic!”
Valerie H., East Troy Pharmacy Customer

“I have been to Walgreens, and it seems like I am just a customer, at Hometown I feel like part of a family. When I am not feeling good, it’s nice to feel like someone cares, not just doing a job.”
Jeff L, Randolph Pharmacy Customer

“I know I can trust any of the pharmacy staff to look out for my best interests as if I were the only customer they have. I can’t thank you enough! They even fill prescriptions for our dog!”
Susan L, DeForest Pharmacy Customer

“I have been surprised and pleased to find all the medications were more inexpensive than Walgreens or CVS and that personnel are kind and helpful and extremely efficient!”
Jan P, Verona Pharmacy Customer

“I could obviously get those pills at many other places. But the reality is that nowhere else would I receive the exceptional service I receive at Hometown Pharmacy because I know when I walk in the door, I will be welcomed – not as a prescription number – but as an individual about whom they care!”
Marlene B, Verona Pharmacy Customer

“All our continuous prescriptions are filled and waiting for us. If there is a question of any kind about the prescription, they will discuss it with us or call our doctor for confirmation. We have had several offers for prescriptions by mail. To us, that would be unmanageable because sometimes we need the prescriptions filled immediately.”
Cliff and Gladys S, Randolph Pharmacy Customers

“I switched from Walgreens to Hometown Pharmacy because I get more personalized service at Hometown Pharmacy. The staff know me by name and always go out of their way to provide exceptional customer service. They offer helpful suggestions, take care of problems and always seem happy to have my business.”
Michele M, Oregon Pharmacy Customer

“The staff are tops, very helpful, knowledgeable, and oh so friendly. They know us and our needs and we know all of them by name as they know ours. The store is well-stocked and also has a lovely gift item area that changes with the seasons. We couldn’t be happier and more satisfied then we are with Hometown.”
Gene and Karryl C, Randolph Pharmacy Customers

“They even mail our medicines to Florida in the winter.”
Bill C, Poynette Pharmacy Customer

“Hometown Pharmacy is rightfully named – as the atmosphere there is always warm, friendly and we’re always greeted by our first names. The people there live in our community and are part of us…they make us feel like a person and not a number.”
Marki C, Poynette Pharmacy Customer

“Anytime I can avoid going to a “big box store,” I jump at the chance. Hometown Pharmacy gives you personal, friendly service from the time you walk into the store until the time you leave. Thank you, Hometown Pharmacy!”
Lisa M, McFarland Pharmacy Customer

“What I feel makes Hometown Pharmacy the most valuable to our community is its staff—they are like family. You are always greeted with a smile and by name. They seem to go out of their way to remember all the names of those who frequent them and when someone is new they are welcoming and most helpful. I truly believe Hometown Pharmacy is the heart of our Community.”
Shelly B, Evansville Pharmacy Customer



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